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Hunting Hitler's Nukes

by Damien Lewis

Off the winter coast of Northern Europe a sleek grey submarine unleashes a lone operator, on a real-life mission impossible. Across the North Sea a ship seized by latter-day pirates steams hell-for-leather, carrying the world’s most-wanted secret agent to freedom. In Scotland, saboteurs mount up wooden gliders, aiming to strike further and harder that any who have gone before.

On a midnight Norwegian fjord British Commandos paddle a rubber dinghy laden with explosives, intent on wreaking havoc, mayhem and murder.

And inland, a solo warplane swoops low over the Barren Mountains, dropping six operators on a top-secret mission, one that may change the course of history.

  • Five threads.
  • A handful of heroes.
  • One world-shattering target.

This is the riveting story of how Churchill’s secret warriors waged a brutal war in the shadows, to stop Hitler from building an atom bomb and conquering humankind. Intent on showering London and Washington with radiological warheads, had Hitler won the race for nuclear supremacy he would have won the world.

Written with Lewis’s signature dramatic verve, Hunting Hitler’s Nukes is peopled by a cast more extraordinary than any fiction: from former Scoutmaster and leopard-hunter John Skinner Wilson, the grizzled grandmaster of clandestine operations; to Agents Cheese and Biscuit, the SOE’s most brazen operators who repeatedly cheated death; to Odd Starheim, the flame-haired Norwegian Viking who specialized in hijacking enemy warships …

These stories are a founding part of British elite forces legend, constituting a searing and dramatic rollercoaster read, made all the more extraordinary in that it is entirely true.