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Film Work

Damien Lewis reports on a bio weapons find2005: An Iraqi Love Story.

Damien Lewis has been scripting a feature film about an ex-SAS soldier who falls in love with an Iraqi girl, leading to a burning romance that will eventually cost him his life.

2003-2005: War Hospital.

Damien Lewis was both director and cameraman on this 90-minute feature documentary filmed on High Definition TV (HDTV), which follows the work of ICRC doctors and nurses at the world’s biggest field hospital serving the Sudan civil war. Winner: Discovery-NHK BANFF Award / Columbus Film Festival.

Checking Seal on Mask2000-2001: Walking with the Gods.

Damien Lewis scripted this three part Discovery documentary series following Hindu devotees on an annual pilgrimage to the God Katrigama, through the war-torn Tamil Tiger area of North Sri Lanka.

2000: Green Hell.

Damien Lewis produced and wrote this documentary film following a team of crack British Paras on an attempt to make the first unaided crossing of the notorious Darien Gap, in Panama - renowned as one of the most dense and forbidding areas of jungle in the world.

Mother hiding a child2000: Death in the Air.

Damien Lewis reported, directed and filmed an extraordinary investigation into alleged use of chemical weapons in the Sudan civil war. Winner of The Rory Peck Awards 2000.

1999: The Oil Wars.

Damien Lewis reported, directed and filmed an exclusive Channel 4 documentary investigation ranging from the war zones of Southern Sudan to North America and Europe, revealing the true cost of oil production in Sudan.

1999: Kill or be Killed.

Damien Lewis produced a Channel 4 documentary investigating how young British Muslim men are arrested on terrorist charges in Yemen – a plot allegedly masterminded by extremist Islamist London cleric, Abu Hamza. An investigation into the truth behind this story – and the attraction that militant Islam offers disaffected British Muslims, including shocking images that presage the 9/11 terror attacks on New York.

1999: Countdown to Extinction.

Damien Lewis was Burma director and cameraman for a BBC1 special documentary report into the threatened extinction of the world’s tigers.

1999: Exporting Evil.

Damien Lewis was director and reporter for a Channel 5/ITN documentary investigation into how Saddam Hussein has tried to evade the UN weapons inspections in Iraq by hiding his weapons of mass destruction in friendly countries.

1998: Sudan – the Secret Story.

Damien Lewis was director, reporter and cameraman for a film exposing the untold cost of the famine in Sudan, and how hunger was being used as a weapon of war.

1998: Hidden cost of Heroin.

Damien Lewis was director and cameraman for a BBC film exposing how wildlife-for-heroin deals on the Burmese border are decimating elephant and tiger populations. An investigative journey exposing the secret costs of the heroin epidemic in Burma. BBC One World Awards

1998: Prawn Wars.

Damien Lewis was director and cameraman for a BBC2 film exposing the hidden cost of aquaculture in India.

1998: Rainforest Rip-offs.

Damien Lewis was director, reporter and cameraman for a film exposing how billions in European Union aid money are being put to destructive uses in the African rainforest.

1997: Conquering the Mountain of Fire.

Damien Lewis was writer for a National Geographic documentary following a 12-man British Army expedition into the vast Atacama Desert in Chile - the most arid place of earth - to climb Mount Copiapo, the World's highest active volcano.

1997: First Contact – Last Rites.

Damien Lewis was director and cameraman for a National Geographic documentary following a Brazilian Government expedition to find one of the last un-contacted Indian tribes. Filmed over 8 months in the Amazon jungles.

1997: Lost Tribes.

Damien Lewis was director and cameraman on a BBC documentary on the search for a lost tribe in the Amazon.

1997: Yemen’s Cultural Drug.

Damien Lewis was writer on an NHK/Arte film about Qat use in Yemen – filmed over six months.

1995: Air of Death.

Damien Lewis was director and cameraman on a Channel 4 documentary about the alleged use of germ warfare in Burma, filmed with the cooperation of CBDE Porton Down.

1995: Life on the Line.

Damien Lewis was director, reporter and cameraman on a film exposing slavery in the Burmese jungles. Filmed over 8 months spent living with the soldiers of the KNLA (Karen National Liberation Army).
BBC One World Awards

1995: The Tribe that Time Forgot.

Damien Lewis was writer of a WGBH/PBS Nova film on the Arara Indians of the Brazilian Amazon.

1993: Simukai.

Damien Lewis was recordist, producer and writer of an NFTS / EC co-production on the fates of ex-liberation soldiers in Zimbabwe – those who toppled Ian Smith’s regime. Filmed over six months.

1991: Parks or People.

Damien Lewis was writer and producer of a documentary on 16mm about the clash between conservation and tribal people in Cameroon’s rainforests. BBC-WWF Wildscreen Award.